ESPN Game Fantasy League Gives Kim a Thumbs Up

Local media in the U.S. continue to praise Kim Ha-seong

The day before, a leading baseball magazine ranked Kim as the No. 1 most talented second baseman, and ESPN also noted his value.

Reporter Kim Sang-ik contributed to this report.

Kim’s value has also been recognized by ESPN’s fantasy league, a simulation game.

ESPN cited the performances of the Chicago Cubs’ Nico Horner and San Diego’s Ha-Sung Kim, saying that they are far more valuable than the big-name free agents who have come in to fill the shortstop position.

As Kim continues to grow in value and recognition every day, his dreams of becoming the first Korean and first Asian infielder to win a Gold Glove are ripe.

Atlanta’s Acuna Jr. unleashed a multi-pot against St. Louis.

After hitting his 33rd home run of the season on a clothesline in the first inning, Acuna arched his 34th in the sixth.

[Local broadcast: toward center field, over the fence. It’s Acuna Jr.’s second home run of the night. Atlanta, giving him 10 solo home runs in this three-game series].

With 34 homers and 63 stolen bases, Acuna is on pace for 40 homers-73 stolen bases, making him the favorite to win the National League MVP.카지노

Teammate Matt Olson also hit his 47th home run of the season for the fourth consecutive game, increasing his chances of becoming the combined home run leader in both leagues

The Angels are now three games behind the Los Angeles Angels’ Ohtani, who missed his fourth straight game with a sore side.

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