“If Sanchez comes back just in time to go to Uiri AG…” KIA’s five-star project ‘won’t touch’ 30-year-old submariner

“If Sanchez comes back just in time for Uri to go to the Asian Games, it will be better.”

KIA has 40 games remaining, the most of any team in the 10 clubs. They have only three doubleheaders scheduled due to the KBO’s 29-day schedule. They have almost no off days until mid-October. They have only four starters (Thomas Pannoni, Yang Hyun-jong, Lee Yi-ri, and Yoon Young-chul).

Take solace in the fact that Mario Sanchez’s elbow isn’t the worst of it. Sanchez will receive injections for the next three weeks. He will then pitch out of the bullpen to determine when he can return. After the Gwangju NC game was canceled due to rain on the 29th, manager Kim Jong-kook said, “It’s not as big an injury as I thought. It’s not a big injury. It’s an injury that has room to return.”

“I think it will be better if Sanchez returns just in time for the Asian Games when Uri goes to the Asian Games,” Jong-guk said. It’s the best kind of happiness Kia could hope for. Lee will shake off the mild shoulder discomfort and make his comeback against Incheon SSG on March 1, but he will be part of the Hangzhou Asian Games squad, which is scheduled to convene on March 22.

According to Kim, it would be best if Sanchez joins the squad at that time. Otherwise, there could be three starters who are locked in from the end of September. In any case, there will be no five-starter system for the remaining 40 games. You’re stuck with four starters, but you have to be prepared for the possibility of three temporarily.

The mound will force tactics. For now, veteran Kim Gun-gook’s start against Gwangju NC on the 29th was canceled. However, we will see more of Kim in the future. Second-year right-hander Hwang Dong-ha (21), fellow right-handers Kim Jae-yeol and Yoon Jung-hyun, and left-hander Kim Yoo-shin will be fully utilized.

It would be great if they could pitch 5-6 innings reliably, but realistically, we’re looking at 2-3 innings. They could be used as a 1+1 in a game. “I want them to pitch short innings and give it their all,” Kim said. There’s also the variable of a doubleheader, so they can have a bullpen day.

“The other spot is to rotate guys who are starting in the Futures League, or if they pitch well, they get a chance,” Kim said. On September 1, we’ll have more roster spots, so we can turn it into a bullpen day. We’ll be able to give multiple guys a chance.”먹튀검증

Pitchers are expected to make up the majority of the KIA’s expanded roster next month. With the starting lineup in a state of emergency, the bullpen will have to share the load. Cracks in the starting lineup have been draining energy since the beginning of the season, but there’s not much they can do about it.

“The bullpen is struggling, but I think we need to give them a little more strength, and I think we’ll add about two or three guys in the bullpen right now. We’re thinking about one catcher, one in the infield and one in the outfield, but there are a lot of guys, and it’s a tough schedule for pitchers,” Kim said.

Einer der wichtigsten Bullpen-Pitcher in der ersten Mannschaft ist Im Ki-young (30), ein ehemaliger Starter. Kim hat jedoch klargestellt, dass er Lim niemals als Starter einsetzen wird, egal wie schlecht die Situation in der Startaufstellung ist. Er ist das Bullpen-Ass, also wird er den untersten Stein nehmen und den obersten Stein auf die Spitze setzen.

Es geht vor allem darum, Im Ki-Young zu schützen. Kim sagte: “Er hat schon viele Innings im Bullpen absolviert. Es besteht ein Verletzungsrisiko, wenn er jetzt als Starter eingesetzt wird.” In dieser Saison hat Lim in 48 Spielen 66,2 Innings geworfen. Das ist die längste Zeit unter den reinen Bullpen-Pitchern. In den verbleibenden 40 Spielen der Saison wird er ein wichtiger Bestandteil des Bullpen sein.

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