“Yang Chang-seop dogxx ” Oh Jae-won bombards junior pitcher with profanity on Instagram… What’s the story?

Former professional baseball player and SPOTV commentator Oh Jae-won, 38, hurled insults at Yang Chang-seop, 24, of the Samsung Lions, on Instagram Live. The two had a heated exchange in June over whether Yang’s dead ball was intentional or not.

Oh mentioned Yang’s name several times during his Instagram Live on June 23. While greeting his junior players in the chat, he suddenly said, “You see this hierarchy. xx Yang Chang-seop bastard, you guys?” and used profanity. He continued, “It all started because of Yang Chang-seop. I couldn’t stand the overlapping of events because he was so stupid.”

Oh Jae Won also said, “Chang Seob is making it (rain) like the future,” and while holding a rock, he sneered, “Chang Seob, even if I throw it with this, I’ll throw it better than you xx”. He also cursed his fingers and said, “Changseob, eat this.”

The conflict between Oh and Yang dates back to the Samsung Lions-SSG Landers game on June 25, when Yang hit SSG’s Choi Jung with a pitch in the bottom of the seventh inning. As Choi reached first base, Yang removed his hat to apologize. In a later interview, Yang explained that he did not intentionally hit the ball.

Oh Jae-won, who was broadcasting the game, disagreed, saying, “This is an open slap,” and raised the suspicion of an empty ball. “I hate this kind of situation the most,” he said, “There’s no need to apologize. As soon as I threw it, it was weird before, so I tried to move on, but it was an open slap. There’s no way Choi Jung didn’t know.” He claimed that Yang’s pitch was intentional.

The war of words between the commentator and the player went beyond the field. Yang posted on Instagram after the game, quoting the Talmud, “Fish are always caught by the mouth. Humans are also caught with their mouths.” Fans speculated that this was aimed at Oh Jae-won, who posted a Talmudic verse on his account that read, “A foolish man speaks of what he has heard, and a wise man speaks of what he has seen”.

In the aftermath of this incident, Oh Jae-won voluntarily resigned as a commentator for SPOTV. Two months later, he brought up Yang Chang-seop’s name, mocking and insulting him. “What happened with Yang Chang-seop after that? It’s a good thing he didn’t meet me, because if he did, I’d beat him up,” Oh Jae-won said during the live broadcast, “I beat him up with a Talmud. That’s two of them, right?” directly referring to the conflict that took place in June. The live video has since been removed from Oh’s social media accounts.먹튀검증

Meanwhile, in May, Oh Jae-won went viral for sniping at Park Chan-ho on Den Magazine’s YouTube channel. “I hate Korean Express (Park Chan-ho) very much,” he said, adding, “There are not one or two players who have made fools of themselves by commentating once in a while. I don’t think they have ever taken responsibility for it.”

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