“I didn’t know you were so good at stealing bases” Park Jin-man salivates at the 29-year-old’s praise

“I have a sense.”

Samsung director Park Jin-man (47)’s mouth is dry. He looks at Ryu Ji-hyuk (29) and smiles. He’s doing so well. It’s a play that makes it impossible not to praise.

Before the first game of the weekend series against KIA in the 2023 KBO League regular season at Samsung Lions Park in Daegu, Park Jin-man said, “Ryu Ji-hyuk makes plays that shake the opposing infield. He definitely has the ability to steal bases. I didn’t realize he was that good when he played for KIA,” he laughed.

“Speed is not everything. It’s also about senses. You also need the ability to catch the opposing pitcher’s habits. Ryu Ji-hyuk excels at this. In a game like yesterday, the opposing ace came out. It’s hard to score runs with back-to-back hits. You need to play like Ryu Ji-hyuk.”

The previous day against LG, Ryu went 4-for-4 with three doubles, a triple, and one run scored. It was the first time in his career that he had stolen three bases in a game. This helped Samsung to a 4-2 victory. Winning series against No. 1 LG.

LG’s Casey Kelly. Ryu Ji-hyuk came to the plate and made things difficult for the opposition. He led off the second inning with a single and stole second and third base. While stealing second, he collided with Kim Min-sung, causing pain in his thigh. However, there was no problem.

Coach Park Jin-man said, “You have to be aggressive when you get on base. It makes it difficult for the opponent. Ryu Ji-hyuk makes such plays. The team atmosphere is also improving,” Park emphasized.

“I was surprised when he complained of pain while stealing second base in the second inning. He had felt some discomfort in his hamstring before. But it wasn’t a muscle problem, it was a bruise. He went on to steal third base. There was no problem,” he laughed.

In 95 games this season, Ryu is batting .281 with one home run, 35 RBIs, 48 runs scored, 14 doubles, a .353 on-base percentage, a .321 slugging percentage, and a .674 OPS.먹튀검증

Those aren’t staggering hitting numbers, but there’s more to his performance than meets the eye. He produces runs when his team needs them, and he gets on base when he gets on base. That’s something Samsung has been lacking. It’s safe to say that the team is glad they got him in the trade.

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