Blood doesn’t fool you…twin pitchers on the same team, even their grades are different.

Twins playing for the same team with identical grades?

It’s happening in the U.S. Major League Baseball (MLB), and it sounds like something out of a cartoon. It’s the story of brothers Taylor Rogers, 32, a left-handed reliever for the San Francisco Giants, and Tyler Rogers, 32, a right-handed underhand.

Born as identical twins on December 17, 1990, the Rogers brothers have been playing for the same team since this season. San Francisco was Tyler’s team, but that’s because his older brother, Taylor, who was on a different team, signed a three-year, $33 million deal with San Francisco after becoming an unrestricted free agent after last season.

With Taylor’s signing, the Rogers brothers became only the fourth case in MLB of twins playing for the same team. The most recent case before the Rogers brothers was the Canseco brothers of the Oakland Athletics in 1990.

The Rogers brothers have already garnered a lot of attention locally, playing on the same team and even taking the mound in the same inning.

What’s most remarkable is their stats: older brother Taylor has a 2.52 earned run average (ERA), 1.09 walks allowed per inning (WHIP), 46 strikeouts, 6 wins, 4 losses, 7 holds, and 1 save in 39.1 innings. His younger brother, Tyler, has pitched 56.2 innings with a 2.54 ERA, 1.09 WHIP, 45 strikeouts, 4 wins, 24 losses, and 2 saves.

It’s safe to say that their WHIP is exactly the same at 1.09, their ERA is only 0.02 different, and their strikeout totals are virtually identical, with one less strikeout. They’re performing like “twins.

However, unlike their grades, their salaries are very different. Unlike his brother, who signed a free agent contract, Rogers is only making $1.65 million this year, his fourth year in the big leagues. That’s still a small amount compared to his older brother, who averages $11 million a year, but if he continues to perform like this, his salary will increase significantly next year.카지노

Thanks to the Rodgers brothers, San Francisco’s bullpen ranks second in the league in fWAR (wins above replacement per FanGraphs) at 5.4 and fifth in the league in bullpen ERA at 3.62.

San Francisco is in second place in the National League (NL) West behind the Los Angeles Dodgers with 62 wins and 52 losses. Although they are six games behind the Dodgers, they can still make the postseason barring an upset for second place in the wild card race. At this rate, fall baseball could see the rare sight of twin brothers side-by-side on the mound.

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