Is Ohtani $600M+ really true? Is it the Dodgers’ answer… This winter, MLB history will be changed forever.

Is $600 million+α true?

Can Shohei Ohtani, 29, Los Angeles Angels, really become the first major leaguer to earn a contract in the $600 million range? ESPN surveyed 26 experts, including major league executives, agents and its own reporters, over the past seven days.

Fourteen predicted a deal totaling between $500 million and less than $550 million. But six thought it would exceed $550 million. Three even predicted a 12-year, $600 million contract, an 11-year, $600 million contract, and an 11-year, $650 million contract.

The prospect of Ohtani surpassing Mike Trout’s contract total of $426.5 million (12 years) is nothing new. The AAV could also surpass the $43.33 million of Max Scherzer (Texas Rangers) and Justin Verlander (Houston Astros), who recently escaped the New York Mets side by side.

Experts offered several ideas to ESPN. Noting that Ohtani is an injury risk because he’s a two-hitter, they suggested an opt-out clause or a short-term deal with a higher AAV. Regardless, it’s clear that Ohtani’s contract this winter will make major league history.카지노

As ESPN notes, “Whether it’s the total amount, the AAV or the length of the contract, the numbers will be mind-boggling. It will likely utilize the longest guaranteed contract in major league history. Taking into account the biggest factors in each type of deal, it could total as much as $660 million.”

The Los Angeles Dodgers are the favorite. There’s a lot of speculation that he won’t be leaving his familiar Southern California home anytime soon. The Dodgers are one of the few teams that can afford Ohtani’s $600 million contract. Of the 26 experts surveyed by ESPN, two said it was a no-brainer. The New York Yankees, New York Mets, San Diego Padres, Seattle Mariners, and San Francisco Giants were also mentioned. However, most of the experts who mentioned these teams also mentioned the Dodgers as an OR.

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