“Kim Moon-dae is a bit weird~” Kim Do-young is not 20 years old… KIA has a bright future in 10 years

“Kim Moon-dae is a bit weird~”

As the phrase “Moon-Gimdae” is commonly used in the baseball world, I suddenly thought to myself, “Why don’t they call it “Kim Moon-Dae?” It’s a rivalry match of top prospects from Gwangju. Wouldn’t Kim Do-young (KIA) want his name to be in front of Moon Dong-joo (Hanwha)?

It seemed like there really wasn’t. When I asked him about it after the Gwangju Hanwha game on May 5, he laughed softly and said, “Kim Moon-dae is a bit weird, so I think it’s better to say Moon Kim-dae.” In other words, he doesn’t care what people call him.

As Kim says, it’s not a big deal if you don’t think about it. However, what is surprising is that the 20-year-old second-year rookie is relaxed. It’s definitely different from the usual first or second year players. On the field, he uses his athleticism to boost his energy level.

However, Kim’s problem is that he hasn’t been hitting well lately. “I’m not hitting well,” she said. In the three-game series against Hanwha, Kim went 3-for-13. Of course, he contributed enough to the team with three doubles, three stolen bases, and three runs scored.

Kim went 0-for-2 with a walk and a strikeout against Moon Dong-joo. However, the Moon-Kim game is a minor event, and it’s all about KIA and Hanwha. The three-game series between KIA and Hanwha was also a battle for the entire regular season. Despite the loss, Kim Do-young still contributed enough to the team with his walks, stolen bases, and runs scored.

The player who was worried about not hitting well has finally done his job. He batted third for two days straight and didn’t feel out of place at all. He’s basically a one-hit wonder, so it’s not a bad idea to move him to No. 3 in the long run. In the current KIA batting lineup, he is best suited for the No. 2 spot.

SBS Sports commentator Lee Soon-cheol said during Game 4 that Kim could one day hit 30-30 with 30 home runs and 30 stolen bases, and during Game 6, he said that he was getting closer to being a five-tool player. He has already proven his batting accuracy, power, and focus. The jury is still out on his defense and throwing ability.먹튀검증

However, his defense is improving rapidly. Kim Jong-kook said that Kim’s defense at third base is better than last year. With her athleticism and senses, it’s only a matter of time before she becomes the offensive and defensive third baseman with experience. It’s important for her to play consistently without getting injured. Coach Kim also talked about consistency.

There are so many things that Kim Do-young has to do in the future, and Moon Kim-dae or Kim Moon-dae is really a minor issue. Kim Do-young answered Woo Moon-hyun’s question.

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