Hanwha Life Esports wins 13 games, beats second-place rival DRX

Hanwha Life Esports defeats must-win DRX in a full-set thriller for second place.
Hanwha Life eSports took down DRX in Game 1 of Day 1 of Week 9 of the 2023 League of Legends Champions Korea Challengers League at WDG Studios in Jung-gu, Seoul on March 31, securing second place in the regular season with 13 wins.

DRX got off to a good start with a solo kill from ‘Setap’ Jace in the first minute of the first set. Two more kills occurred in front of the Dragon at the 7th and 12th minute, and DRX slowly took control of the game with more kills each time. Hanwha Life Esports lurked near the mid at around 15 minutes and managed to open up the engagement with a bite on ‘Duckdam’ Jaya, dealing DRX a meaningful blow.

After pulling ‘Roamer’ Arye from the mid lane at 24-minutes, DRX took out ‘Rooster’ Jax, a separate Hanwha Life eSports player in a faction collapse, and claimed the soul of the chemical engineering dragon. At 28-minutes, DRX broke through Hanwha Life Esports’ baron defense with an ace, and DRX entered the closing stages of the game with no interruptions as they regrouped after the baron hunt. Eventually, after winning the final fight in front of the Elder Dragon, DRX cleared the enemy camp and took the set 1-0.

In the second set, Hanwha Life Esports countered DRX with a reverse objective-centric operation. After taking the initiative and building up a dragon stack based on early engagement gains, Hanwha Life Esports opened up a clear gap with an ace in the 25th minute in front of Baron. After a break, Hanwha Life Esports, who were facing off on the bottom line, took the nexus with an ace around the 27th minute to bring the game back to even. 스포츠토토

The third set was a back-and-forth affair, with both teams balancing out the kills and dragons. Hanwha Life Esports took the lead in the early 20s with a successful baron kill. After picking up another Baron buff in the 36th minute, Hanwha Life Esports finally broke through DRX’s defenses to claim their 13th win of Summer.

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